Send e-mail mail_outline DOMESTIC, 'The Black Dress'#4930 color  17sec 

DOMESTIC, 'The Black Dress'#4930 color  17sec

Password MDK

November 2020 during the Corona lonckdown ( confinement) in France

In this photography/short-video series ‘DOMESTIC'(2019-), I aim to visualise the visceral sense of being confined in an abusive relationship. Due to the present-day Covid-related lock-downs and constraints, domestic abuse has not only received more attention, but has unfortunately sky-rocketed in scale and intensity.

My body of work often-times mirrors global issues that rouse her on an emotional and intuitive level. Through the indirect, visual cues that I employ, I strive to provoke the innate questioning curiosity of the viewer to contemplate my imagery, teasing and infusing them with an imaginary touch. I limit myself to using natural light – without digital manipulation – and often-times myself as a model because of confinement in France this year in October and November when I took most of these photos.

Photos of this Series ‘domestic’ are being published in the book GUPNew talent 2021.

Send e-mail mail_outline DOMESTIC shortfilm 2019    00:01 min 

DOMESTIC shortfilm 2019    00:01 min

To see the video please click on te link and put in the password MDK

Send e-mail mail_outline DOMESTIC shortfilm  II 2019-2020    00:02 min 

DOMESTIC shortfilm  II 2019-2020    00:02 min

To see this video click on the link below and put in the password MDK

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